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Real Life Rapunzel

Heartache sucks. It sucks to be rejected. But it sucks even more to watch a crush fall for someone else, before you feel like you have a solid friendship, post-relationship clarification. And when you already know and love that someone else as a dear friend, there is not even the chance of consoling yourself redirecting your […]

Life Lessons from Candy Land

I love games. Not the kind where you manipulate humans to get what you think you want. The kind where you play with colorful pieces on a colorful board to reach an arbitrary goal and interact with other human beings. I love them when you can alternate between cheering for yourself and strategizing how to […]

Invisible Walls

“When are you going to get married?” My niece asked me that this weekend. She’s four. I reacted very differently than I have in the past. Children and well-meaning family and acquaintances seem to ask this question surprisingly often. That and…”Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” Why are these questions even a thing? Past reactions […]

The Secret Conflict

Anything is possible. I have heard this my whole life…side by side with limitations. You can’t drive that far alone. You have to prove yourself first. It takes time to succeed. You need to pay your dues.  You can’t have everything you want. In my small child’s brain the cases where it was truly important […]

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