The Secret Conflict

Anything is possible.

I have heard this my whole life…side by side with limitations. You can’t drive that far alone. You have to prove yourself first. It takes time to succeed. You need to pay your dues.  You can’t have everything you want.

In my small child’s brain the cases where it was truly important to prove myself first got mixed up with the cases where I could just start making things happen. And I hung onto that belief into adulthood.

I’m finding that the better question is – what do you really believe is possible?

You can have anything you want. The key is, true desire. And belief…faith in that desire. Faith in yourself.

What core beliefs are driving your decisions? What don’t you see about yourself, that is keeping you small.

How do you truly become an empty vessel for spirit to use you for the highest good of all?

Who are you to be a servant of the highest good of all anyway? That’s a pretty tall order.

The thing is, you don’t know how much power you really have to influence others. When you hold a baby, all of your energy is absorbed by that baby. They empathically pick up on that energy and use it to learn what they need to do to survive. And those lessons, if we don’t retrain ourselves, are permanent. We are all born with the ability to connect with others on this energetic level, and tune in to them. Some of us lose it. It comes so naturally that we’re not even aware it exists. So we don’t practice. Some of us get to cultivate it. We learn to protect ourselves from unhelpful or negative energy. Some of us have to relearn how to connect because we automatically protected ourselves by shutting down our abilities.

We are all naturally interdependent with one another. When you decide that it is time for you to pick up and repair your part of the web, to reclaim your role as a leader in service to the highest good, it strengthens the whole, which magnifies your power and influence.

When is it time for you to reclaim your role?

When you see your repetitive patterns, and you are bored hearing yourself tell the same old story about living your dreams, without making them manifest.

When you still feel like you don’t fit in, even though you have friends and career success, and it sucks, because as a grown adult, you still feel like that gawky teenager.

When you know there is something holding you back, and you just can’t figure out what it is.

When you notice yourself getting goosebumps or nodding involuntarily while you’re reading this.

How do you repair your part of the web?

Clean house. Sort through the strands of silk and discard the broken ones, so that all that is left is quality thread, with which you can build really beautiful connections. A fabric, if you will. A fabric of Feelings. Beliefs. Priorities. Values.

This work is the hardest work you will ever do in your entire life. You will probably have to continue doing it for the rest of your life. And it will go faster, be far less painful, and you will gain so much more with help.

Often, you recognize the need for this cleanout when you’re bored with your life, or you feel like you should understand what you want better, and how to get it, but you don’t know how. Sometimes you just have that flash of insight that it’s time to clean out, and you’re not sure where to start. Or you’re afraid that you’re just getting on a treadmill of hard work without any real progress. What you need is to feel like when you’re doing this work, it’s going somewhere, it serves a higher purpose, it won’t always feel like this.

That is my specialty.

Wrap up those goosebumps in a cozy blanket and get in touch with me now to see if I’m the one to help you.



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