Get to know me . . .


I’m Kelly. I live in Bloomington, Indiana. It’s a little hub of liberals and big city type culture squeezed cozily into a small college town with forests and farms and quarries all around us. I grew up in small towns and suburbs, mostly in Ohio and Indiana. So I’ve got a Midwestern heart.

I’m also a proud, firey redhead. I learned independent thinking at church (yes, really) and at home. My love and loyalty are fierce.

As a kid, I didn’t want to be cute. I wanted to be taken seriously. I wanted to do things myself. I wanted to run around and play  and climb trees and sit on shed roofs and get dirty. And I did. I also wanted to be good at school, get things right, make my teachers and my parents proud. And I did.

Somewhere along the line though, the smarts became more important than the play.

I think that happens to a lot of us. I think we learn that we have to suppress our desires.

We decide that we have to please others to be liked, to be accepted, to fit in.

I’ve made a new decision.

Our desires fuel us. Play enriches us. Our desires make us the interesting, beautiful, inspired people that we are.

And our desires make us the people that other people want to be around and play with.

It’s time we accept our desires and seduce our lives. Let’s start celebrating tiny victories and finding all the little details that feel sensual about life. Will you join me?


My Main Mentors:

Jeffrey Van Dyk, CEO

Max Simon, Founder and Chief Strategist

Molly Johnson

Deana Terrill



I value the inherent worth of every human being and serve adultsCeltic Knot Ring by Sasha Kopf used under creative commons attribution, share-alike
of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual identies,
education levels, abilities, and beliefs.


Celtic Knot Ring by Sasha Kopf used under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License