Stoke Your Inner Fire  ~ Move Forward with CLARITY!

Let’s talk about love. Love cleans your energy, clears the way for creativity, and feeds your soul.  

The services below are all about loving you. You are this miraculous being of awesome. And I mean in the original sense of the world.

Full of AWE.

When you commit to your own transformation, I am all in with you on your journey.


Kelly Wow’s Signature Energy Cleanse
The foundation of all our work together is a clean energetic slate. This might mean you have to slow down a little. Find yourself a half hour to be alone and quiet and receptive. Turn off your phone, your computer, your TV, your Radio. Relaxing music is just fine. Silence is better. Trust yourself to reach out and receive the energy I’m offering you.

My intention is always to gently clear away the gunk and the fog. Sometimes though, stuff gets stirred up. When we’re done, you will feel so supported, loved and connected to your higher self. You will see the light shining through any cracks that showed up for you. You will get the nourishment your body needs from being both relaxed and energized, so you can move forward with clarity. After the initial intensive sessions, you’ll receive a month of ongoing energy support that keeps you in the flow, helping you be really focused on the things that are important to you.

Like any cleanse, regular use improves results! Why not commit to a few times a year and really decide that you’re going to show up as your best self in everything you do? You’re worth it.

90 Day Reality Jump Start
This is my most popular program ~ For when you are committed to the process and ready for permanent change. You need time to dig into some deeper layers. You need accountability. You need help sorting through some life chaos. Energy work is not just about woo woo stuff. It’s about taking practical steps to change your habits, your perception and your surroundings to support your highest good.

You get the foundation of Kelly Wow’s Signature Energy Cleanse, and ongoing energetic support for three whole months. You get one on one time each week when I not only put the focus 100% on you, I also take you through a customized process that zeros in on your greatest challenges and transforms them permanently. With your new habits, you make the magic happen that gets your challenges working in your favor. 

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A Most Excellent Adventure

It’s like the Reality Jump Start on B Vitamins and coconut water with lots of open space to play.
This program is built on the foundation of Kelly Wow’s Signature Energy Cleanse, which we do several times a year, and ongoing energetic support all year. We talk one on one regularly and we really have an opportunity to get into all the nooks and crannies that are gunking up your life. This is serious internal work. Once we clean up the gunk, we find the shiny that’s been waiting to get out.  This is the program with an extra level of access to me. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got someone in your corner on this journey.

All scheduling and payment is taken care of up front to keep things easy. These sessions are typically held over the phone.

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In Person Energy Work

I love the magic of technology, but I get totally jazzed when I can shower you with love IN PERSON.

Be one of my regulars! You won’t regret it!

Please check the “On The Road” section of my sidebar for an up to date listing of when and where I will have special events and hours. Do you have a group or business commited to enhancing the wellness of your members!? Let’s collaborate!

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I am a big ball of encouragement and love. I work with you so you can make the choices that serve your highest good.  What I provide is safe space, compassionate guidance, and facilitated deep relaxation that accelerates your ability to self-heal. My work is intended to complement working with your medical professionals — not replace it. I will call you on your shit if you’re not taking care of yourself, and I will only accept clients who are committed 100% to taking care of themselves.