What People Are Saying…


Katherine FaulstichI was inspired after every session with Kelly. She helped me clarify my needs and focus on my creativity. She gave me techniques that I have used to improve myself and my life. The energy work and meditation helped ground me and give me the spark to get going. The vivid imagery she used helped me visualize the flow of energy. I feel infused with a vibrant, creative energy. I have also used her suggestions for sound exercises, which have delighted both myself and my baby. I was a little worried about doing this long-distance, especially the energy work, but it all worked well. I felt her presence while we meditated just like she was in the room with me. The computers did not interrupt the personal connection in the least. I was pleased to have this opportunity and am very happy with our work together.

~Katherine Faulstich, Mom and Future Student

client pictureI really enjoyed working with Kelly. She is warm, inviting and speaks from her intuition! Kelly showed me how to tap into my centered being and how to do that at anytime. She gave me easy and clear work to do between sessions that helped me be present with my intention between visits. Her special blend of coaching and Reiki was a great way to get me in tune with my inner self, to help me move forward in my career journey, and find out what I really want and love to do! Thanks so much Kelly!

~Colleen McCracken, Yoga Instructor, Gradutate Student

Bryan Roberts ~ WriterA few months ago, my reiki session with Kelly felt great. The recent session I had during her level 2 attunement process was dramatically more advanced. I could feel the shifts in my energy, subtly balancing and aligning.

~ Bryan Roberts, Writer, Voice Actor




Elisa PokralWhen Kelly compared my teenage son to the personality of one of her cats, it was sheer genius! She helped me find a different perspective to my situation and gave me valuable techniques to use on myself and my son, techniques quite unlike those offered in a traditional therapy session. Sometimes it just takes a different way of looking at things to either help a situation or wait it out to evolve. Kelly has a gentle insightful approach that can get to the heart of the matter. She listens well and in conjunction with listening to yourself and doing your self work, consultation with Kelly can help you sort through the intricacies of your life. I found Kelly’s help with a family issue extremely valuable. I am still practicing the energy medicine techniques she advised me to do as they are very powerful. I highly recommend Kelly for energy medicine consultations, even if you don’t like cats!

~Elisa Pokral, Tai Chi Teacher and Media and Education Director of The District…Where Green Living Begins

Brandie Roberts ~ Ceramic ArtistKelly has the skill not only to channel reiki, but also subtly focus and shift my energy so I emerge feeling cleansed, centered and aligned as well as relaxed.

~ Brandie Roberts, Ceramic Artist




client photo - Jack ColemanI really liked Kelly’s Reiki sessions because of the results.  I always felt relaxed and more centered after we finished with the energy work and more centered after the life coaching.  After the first session of the energy work, I could already feel the energy before she started manipulating the energy in the second session.  It was very interesting.  The life coaching really helped because I am at a point in my life where I do not know where to go or how to pursue my interests.  She is a great listener and picked up on my life attachments which she then applied to her suggestions on where to start.  She really opened up the doorway for more perspectives on how to approach a career in a field that I would love to do.

~Jack Coleman