What is a Life Coach?

Let’s start with who is a Life Coach – Tony Robbins is an example of one. In my personal opinion, Oprah is an example of another. Joel Osteen is like  a Life Coach with a Bible.

The difference between one-on-one coaching (what I offer here) and one-to-many coaching (what Tony, Joel and Oprah do)  is that even though the general message may be the same:

You can. Live a Life You Love. Yes. You. Now go out and do it.
(Sound familiar?)


The actions that follow the message are different. When I finish listening to my inspirational coaches – I turn YouTube off, and go about my business.

And if I have a doubt, a limiting belief, if I want to wallow in my circumstances – they don’t talk back. (Although if you listen long enough, they might show up in your head.)

With a live Life Coach, it’s a little different… Okay…a lot different.

I talk.

On the phone.

With you.


I ask questions.

You answer.

I ask more questions.

Sometimes I make you stop talking.

Sometimes I repeat back what you said.

Because sometimes you say really brilliant things.

And sometimes you are just being silly.

And I can tell the difference.

I want you to be able to tell the difference too.


Having a Life Coach is like having a Personal Trainer. For your mind.

During a really great session, you might feel like a light bulb is going off in your head. Or sometimes it feels like fireworks from Disney World going off in your mind when you get clarity on something that has been bugging you forever.

It’s a lot like having Oprah on speed dial. What would she say? She would say when you know better, you do better. Now that you know better, what are you going to do? And she would have a lot of compassion about it and be wearing really great shoes and a cute Ralph Lauren sweater.

“A life coach gives perspective and helps clients evaluate the basis of their thinking that determines the results they get in their lives.” Master Coach, Brooke Castillo

“Just like a sports coach, a life coach stands outside the situation, sees the highest and best in you and sometimes inspires you, sometimes challenges you but always helps you play better.”
Life Coach & Relationship Specialist, Maggie Reyes

“A life coach pretty much does what any other coach would do. I spend time learning about your skills and goals. Together we create a map to reach those goals. Then I help you focus, refine your form, maximize your strengths, keep you on track and give you encouragement. Top athletes and business people hire coaches to perform at their peak potential. Your business, your art, your goals, your life, are worth the same kind of attention and investment.”
Life Coach and Energy Cultivator, Kelly Rauch (aka me ; )

I founded Green Phoenix Coaching & Reiki because the world is full of people who are doing a disservice to themselves by undervaluing who they are and what they do. I want to empower those people to embrace their unique gifts and become fully themselves and fully alive.

I offer a special blend of the practical and the spiritual.

I use practical techniques that have worked for me and my clients to build a solid foundation.

I also find magic everywhere.

I get a special thrill out of helping you find, recognize, develop and integrate your own personal magic.

I even have coaches that I work with. Yes. Plural. Because I’m committed to showing up 100% for you.
(It’s always good when your teachers have teachers.)

 Max Simon and Jeffrey Van Dyk are my high level ~ serious investment in myself ~ we’re not going to let you get away with playing small because you’re so shiny ~ coaching team.

Christine Kane is a Mentor to Women Who Are Changing the World. She’s my main one-to-many-voice-in-my-head.

Stacey Pruim is coaching me through setting up my systems to maximize my time and energy so I can spend more time doing my genius work – with you.

Ready to see if we’re a good fit for each other? Contact me here to schedule your free CLARITY call.


This page was originally written by Maggie Reyes. I have edited it to add my style and story with her permission and blessing. Maggie believes living the life you love with the love of your life is possible when you learn to ask powerful questions that shift your thinking and transform your experiences with your spouse. She is a Blogger and Life Coach at www.modernmarried.com.