What is Reiki?

Reiki is like the love of a close friend, just putting a hand on your back to support you while you cry. And soon, laughing hysterically together for no reason.
Reiki is like a crush. Puppy love. A rush and a sigh. A release to what wants to be.
Reiki is like the feeling of a hot shower on sore muscles. A massage. Deep, restful sleep.
Reiki is like all of these things and none of them. There is no energy like it. It’s the purest thing out there.
Reiki is the experience of that universal love available to everyone by whatever name you name it.
No belief necessary. Only be willing.
Allow reiki to enter your energy field, and your body, mind, and spirit soak it up like the rays of sunshine on a perfect day, and use it to heal.
Reiki goes anywhere, any time, as much as you need. It is the intention directed food on which your etheric body feeds.
Reiki is pain relief.
Reiki is spiritual growth.
Reiki is self-perfection.
Reiki is energy, just like us.
You are a receiver and transmitter of energy. Naturally. Like breathing. Keep the circuit flowing both ways.
Give AND Receive.
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